Multifunction Survival Pocket Card

Color: style A
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➊Canning: The hook below is used in conjunction with the cutting edge above, which can easily open tin cans 

❷Side Knife: It can cut the rope, and can also cut fruit after washing.

 ❸Slotted screwdriver: It can tighten the screws of common types. 

❹Ruler: using centimeter metric scale, effective measuring distance 4cm, minimum scale mm

 ❺Bottle opening: suitable for opening the bottle caps of beer, beverages, etc. 

❻External hexagon wrench: suitable for tightening four different types of bolts and nuts. 

❼Adjustable wrench: lever principle, can screw special bolts such as flat or semi-circle head. 

❽Staggered Saw: For sawing wood branches, or removing scales such as fish. 

❾Direction indication: When you get lost in the forest or desert and cannot tell the direction, place the map on the compass In the direction you are pointing, place the center of each hollow circle of the finger recognizer on the approximate location of the current map. On the setting, it can be indicated by the direction of the sixteen scales, which can be used indirectly and continuously to clarify the direction of the purpose. 

⑩Positioning wrench: two different types of hexagonal wrench with smaller function than the 6-model.

11:Round hole: can be hung on the key ring.

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