EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Battery Pack: High-Performance Power Solution

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Unlock unparalleled energy efficiency with the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Battery. Engineered to deliver top-tier performance, this advanced battery solution ensures uninterrupted power for all your needs. Compatible with the Delta Pro Ultra inverter, this battery empowers you with reliable energy storage for off-grid living, emergency backup, or mobile power applications. Experience the next level of sustainability and convenience with the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Battery. Explore our collection now at Dead End Survival!

-One-Month Backup: 6kWh for up to two-day backup, scalable to 90kWh for one-month coverage
-Space-Saving: Stack up the system in a neat, mess-free way
-One-Minute Setup: With a plug-and-play design

Dimensions: 26×18×8 in (including mat)

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