EcoFlow 400W Portable Solar Panel - Harness the Sun's Power with Efficiency and Portability

Save $1,400.00

Sale price$799.00 Regular price$2,199.00


Step into the future of renewable energy with the EcoFlow 400W Portable Solar Panel, now available at a discounted price of USD $999.00, down from $1,199.00. This high-efficiency solar panel boasts a remarkable 22.4% conversion rate, ensuring that you harness the maximum power from the sun. Designed with durability and portability in mind, it features a one-piece folding design, making it a perfect companion for camping, RVs, and home use. Its IP68 waterproof rating and multi-layered materials promise resilience in various environments, from humid and wet to dry and dusty. Weighing approximately 41.9 lbs with the kickstand case, it offers easy transportation and setup, with an adjustable angle for optimum solar intake. Pair it with EcoFlow's portable power stations for a seamless, green, and renewable energy solution. Explore more and secure yours at Dead End Survival.

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