Camping Gas Stove

Style: Folding furnace
Sale price$399.00



1. The firepower is fierce, with a power of 11,000 watts.
2. Super windproof: regardless of the size of the fire, it has superwind resistance, and it can burn and use as usual even in strong winds.
3. Extraordinary energy saving: (can increase thermal efficiency by 45%):
(1) The traditional flame combustion technology is changed, and the flame is converted into infrared rays that can deliver heat energy to make the combustion more complete.
(2) The traditional open combustion is changed to closed combustion, which greatly improves thermal efficiency.
4. Multi-function: In addition to the functions of ordinary stoves, this stove also has far-infrared heating and baking functions (no need to add other parts), and superwind resistance.
5. Long service life, using high temperature-resistant materials.


1. Model: ZYZY-82
2. Size: 52.0 cm * 15.0 cm * 37.0 cm 
3. Net weight: 4200g
4. Whether to bring a barbecue: Yes
5. Applicable number: 5 or more people
6. Stove category: gas stove
7. Furnace structure: split type
8. Applicable environment: ordinary outdoor environment
9. Maximum firepower burning time: 230g an hour

Include packaging:
1. 1* outdoor stove

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