Whole-Home Backup Kit: Smart Control Kit - Your Ultimate Solution for Uninterrupted Power Supply

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Ensure seamless power supply throughout your home with the Whole-Home Backup Kit: Smart Control Kit from EcoFlow. This innovative solution integrates effortlessly with your home's power system, providing a reliable and uninterrupted power source during outages. Featuring the Delta Pro Double Voltage Hub, it offers unparalleled efficiency and control, allowing you to manage your power needs smartly and effectively. Don't let power interruptions disrupt your life. Choose the Smart Control Kit for a hassle-free, continuous power supply. Simple, sustainable, and affordable whole-home backup power solutions with an output power of up to 7200W and a whopping 21.6kWh capacity for security and comfort. Easily chain together two DELTA Pros using the Double Voltage Hub and plug in to your breaker panel via an transfer switch or power inlet box. The solution provides a convenient home battery system without rewiring or running dangerous extension cables through home, and a customizable solar system. Visit Dead End Survival to learn more and secure peace of mind today.

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